Clutter & chaos, both mental & physical, can accumulate quickly when we’re not paying attention.

But the real gems like experiencing clarity, confidence and flow in our lives is something we must study and practice towards achieving on daily, moment by moment basis.

My mission here at Intuitive Marketing & Design is to provide each person who visits with the opportunity to experience more knowing in their life. So you can proceed in building your ideas and life in way that calls you into being.

My role, as your friend and strategist, is to help you find that voice within your creation process, build a container in which to expand, and support you in having the confidence to follow through with your inner yearnings. Not only that. But Intuitive Marketing & Design also provides you with the resources to make it all come together. Click here to learn more.

What My Clients are Saying…


“Megan generates such creativity and focus through her work. She has helped me to align my brand and create something so meaningful, inspiring me to self publish my first work. without her, i would have easily given up. instead, I have birthed something new and beautiful that will add delight to many others. Conversations with Megan are truly intuitive as she brings to light what dreams rest in the dark.”

suzanne l. vinson, silver tree art


“Megan has been a calm and centered support for me in producing and launching my Reboot Program. Aspects of the process that had seemed complicated and overwhelming were greeted with clarity and a bigger vision. I became excited about my project again. I felt like Megan was a partner with a shared goal of helping me get my work out into the world. I appreciated her insight, clarity and skills.”

Cydney Smith,


“It’s rare to work with someone on marketing design and business strategy who is not only in tune to what customers want, what will appeal to your audience, and be beautiful to look at, but can also tune into her own intuitive leanings and lovingly direct your initiatives, set you straight when you need it and help you grow as a business person and nudge you to step into your own light. Megan does all of this and more.”

Lisa Carmen,

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